Axis Power Hetalia Day!!!!


My name is Katie (Prussia)

My friend Amber (Germany) and I are holding a celebration for Axis Power Hetalia Day in our town Sierra Vista, Arizona!

As of right now it will be at Veteran's Memorial Park on October 24th, 2010. Time is TBA will let you know if anything changes!

We plan to play games, food, and a photo op. All things Hetalia welcome,  costumes are recommended but not required. 

We would appreciate if everyone attending could try to bring food or drink but are again not required.

Come to have fun!

Stay tuned for more info as the date gets closer.

Prussia and Germany

Oh for updates go here:

This is the blog for APH Day Sierra Vista Arizona

alice nine. snailmail project ~POSTCARDS!!!!!!!~

WELLLLLL!!!! Sorry for taking so long to post em I wanted to wait for the both to get in and then I had to go to camp and all this other crap so now finally back home I'm posting em

This one is from</b></a>guitarmy
I REALLLLLLLYYYYYYY love it!!!!!! Thankies so much!!!!!!!!

This one is from arisu_09_love
I absolutely adore this one so much!!!!!!!  I loved them both there so cute and sitting on my shelf with all my other alice nine. stuff!!!! Lovell's it so much thankies ^.^

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this is kinda of a stupid question.....

My friend and I had just got done watching Disco The Ques Play Like "A" RAINBOWS -enter & exit- tour and we noticed how Shou flings the microphone pole around and my friend says, "Wow, one day he's ganna hurt somebody from doing that." So I look at her and we start talking about Mortal Combat: J-Rock edition XD We started coming up with these weird ideas and I was wodnering....has anybody ever thought of something like this?

lol sorry to bother,
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Does anyone know.....

I was reading in a magazine that alice nine. makes there own perfume, does anybody know where or if you can purchase it?

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Does anyone know....

Does anyone know if you can get Rock & Read with Saga on the cover ANYWHERE else besides Cdjapan(shipping cost so much there)?

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I was watching the Ruri no Ame PV recently and I was wondering does any one know where you can buy the shoes Saga is wearing O.O?

Well hope someone can help thanks a bunch

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